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As a property manager since 2001, I was blessed to meet so many diverse people each year. Although, when people moved out because they bought their first home, I had mixed emotions because I received so much joy from helping these families enjoy where they lived.

During my years serving residents, I was recognized multiple times as “Property Manager of the Year”. And while this award recognizes manager’s expertise and efficiency, this award is special to me because you can’t receive this honor without CARING about the lives of the people you serve.

I often found myself playing the role of counselor and mentor to numerous, diverse people who felt comfortable approaching me for advice. These are the folks that inspired me to become a licensed Realtor®…while renting is an important option, there is something very special about owning your home, and I want to help as many families as possible achieve this dream.

Whether you are considering buying your first home or you own a home you are thinking about selling, I am fully dedicated to your interests and would be honored to guide you through all your real estate transitions. I hope you will feel comfortable reaching out to me with any real estate buying and selling questions.

Please feel free to call, text or email me anytime at: 678-651-4570 ‘