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About Melannie Williams

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Melannie Williams knows that real property ownership is usually the largest single investment whether buying or selling that anyone makes in their lifetime. As a client you would benefit from her experience and will be treated with the highest level of care and expertise.
Before deciding to do general real estate, Melannie had worked exclusively for developers and home builders in the acquisition of raw land and developed lots. She has over 16 years in the industry and is passionate about real estate.
Following are just a few of the many ways that Melannie Williams can assist you:
• I know how to market land and farms to attract buyers.
• Determine what the best possible use for your property is.
• Determine what the actual the market value of your property should be.
• I have the experience of working with land and farms that most residential agents do not have or understand.
• I know the necessary due diligence needed when buying or selling property.
• Experience working most counties throughout the Metro and North Atlanta market.

Whatever real estate needs you have, you deserve to work with a Realtor who is passionate about real estate and will work hard for you