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There is nothing simple about buying or selling property today, but I hope to make it seem easy for you.

Did you know that 100 years ago home owners insurance was not available? Also, there were hardly any zoning laws regulating residential and business property development. Since then, real estate has evolved into a complex regulated industry involving hundreds of finance, insurance, environmental and other regulations at every level of government: Federal, State, County, City and even Home Owners Associations.

After 30 years in law enforcement, I understand the importance of regulations and serving the public. In fact, the process of buying and selling homes is actually similar to an investigation in many ways. This has made for an exciting career transition from Kennesaw Sate University Police Department to ERA Sunrise Realty!

Just as a good investigation begins with gathering facts from as many sources as possible, my clients count on me to initially understand who’s involved or impacted by the potential property sale or purchase and what’s important to all parties. Then we consider the actual property, market conditions, surrounding community and even regulations that may be important to closing the deal. This information becomes the foundation for establishing effective marketing for a listing or initial criteria for a successful home search.

“Getting it right” in real estate (or law enforcement) is essential to everyone involved. When it comes down to choosing your next home, business location or investment property, I serve you every step of the journey and I’m driven to go beyond all the facts to include all circumstances and your hopes & dreams to help you make the best possible decision.

In essence, YOU are not only my client, but part of my “jury”… Your verdict shapes me professionally and drives me to always serve, and even protect you at the highest level possible.

When you, your friends or family begin talking about buying or selling property, I would be honored if you entrust me to conduct your initial investigation.

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~Kelli Maloney